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Plastic is a problem for people and the planet

One of the most insidious problems of our present day is plastic.  It’s everywhere, it’s all pervasive – literally – and it’s bringing us down individually and collectively. We been sold the idea that it’s an essential to modern day life, but it’s not.  We’ve been told that we can’t live without it, but we can – and we must. The case in support of plastic in its current form doesn’t stack up when measured against it’s social and ecological costs.

The most recent issue of Yes magazine is devoted to exposing the hidden costs of plastic in all its forms and how the difficulties in getting rid of it are so closely aligned with the fossil fuel industry. 

We can do more than we think.  In the story: The Work of Breaking Free, Casey Camp-Horinek, from the Ponca Nation, Oklahoma, talks about her commitment do what she can to raise awareness and campaign for the Break Free From Plastic coalition.  How do you keep going?  “Is there a choice?” she says.  “My mother didn’t give up.  My grandfathers and grandmothers didn’t give up.  I’m a great grandmother myself.  It’s also an honour and a responsibility.  It isn’t something that you can walk away from.  You have two children.  Do you ever just walk away?  We’re in this remarkable position to assume our natural place with this life cycle.”  Read more about this remarkable lady in the story on page 59 of Yes!.