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Out of whack, scientist’s findings

Earth Law tells us that there are limits built in to her operating ‘manual’ for the safe functioning of the planet.

It is unwise to attempt operating outside these.  As with any system, the limits can be exceeded for a short time, but then must be brought back into the safe operational zone for the properly healthy functioning of the organism is to continue  – if a long-time span (taking Earth-time as the baseline) is what is required.

Damian Carrington in: Earth ‘well outside safe operating space for humanity’ scientists find (Environment editor, The Guardian, 14 Sep 2023 [planetary boundaries]) reports that ...
Earth’s life support systems have been so damaged that the planet is “well outside the safe operating space for humanity”, scientists have warned. Their assessment found that six out of nine “planetary boundaries” had been broken because of human-caused pollution and destruction of the natural world. The assessment, which was published in the journal Science Advances and was based on 2,000 studies, indicated that several planetary boundaries were passed long ago.