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Looks can be deceiving

Don’t be deceived by the looks

IF YOU TAKE A WALK on top of Munibung Hill during the summer months you may admire the showy white trumpet-shaped and fragrant flowers of the Formosa Lily (Lilium formosanum), says Wendy Patrick. 


“Pretty as it is, this plant, originally from Taiwan and introduced here as a garden plant, is unfortunately a serious environmental weed. It is fast growing, quick to invade disturbed areas and has not one, but two very effective dispersal methods, making it difficult to control.”

Wendy said: “The Formosa Lily sends up fresh shoots each year from an underground bulb and often grows over 1 metre tall. The bulb, which resembles garlic, has numerous scales which flake off easily when disturbed and each one may grow into a new plant. Copious amounts of seed form in the papery capsules which follow flowering and these are readily dispersed by wind.”

 “Feel free to pick the flowers, as many as you like, (although they won’t last long in a vase). At least this will help reduce the spread by seed.”

MMM … Issue 36, February – March 2023