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History of the World

What is the earth worth? This is a new approach to analysing today’s planetary emergencies. By making these seven things cheap, modern commerce has controlled, transformed and devastated the Earth.  A shocking book in one way.  An inspiring book in another.  

Beginning each chapter with a story of Christopher Columbus and his colonial conquests, Patel and Moore reveal how we have arrived at this time and how we might attempt to extract ourselves from the dysfunctional thinking that drives our current lifestyles – hooked on cheap stuff.

The seven things are: Cheap Nature, Cheap Money, Cheap Work, Cheap Care, Cheap Food, Cheap Energy and Cheap Lives.

Patel and Moore outline a program for the future that they say must include: Recognition, Reparation, Redistribution, Reimagination and Recreation.  At the core of their message is deep knowledge of land and connection with the web of life. More than anything is the need for: ‘reparation ecology’.
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