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Out of School and into Nature
Naturalist and artist Anna Comstock (1854-1930), defied social conven-tions and pursued the study of science. She loved exploring out-doors, examining wildlife and learn-ing nature’s secrets – from watching the teamwork of marching ants to following the constellations in the sky. At Cornell University she pushed back against the notion that implied science was a man’s pursuit, pioneering a movement to encour-age schools to conduct science and nature classes for children outdoors. In following her passion, this remarkable woman blazed a trail for female scientists today.

Make Garbage Great
Make the move away from ‘waste’ with 100+ ideas and creative DIY upcycling projects, and information about how to lead a less resource hungry life. Discover information on plastics, metal, glass, paper, wood, textiles, rubber and organics, each with a wide range of information on recycling, reusing, and upcycling. Plastic is a human-made invention. It is useless to organisms and the ecosystems in which they reside. There needs to be a revolution in the ways we decide to act upon our materialistic desires. (Ref: Page 28)

Available at Lake Mac libraries.
Your Life, Your Planet
A practical look at what we can do in ways large and small as we go about our daily lives. Ebbs takes us on a walk through the rooms of a house as a way of showing how to leave a lighter footprint.

Available at Lake Mac libraries.
How to benefit from  a deeper connection with nature – finding within a balance, stillness, resilience, contentment, activity, fearlessness and our own wild voice. 

Available at Lake Mac libraries.
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