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Are ferals responsible?

PICTURE: Feral foxes ‘caught’ on camera. Images courtesy Dean Jones.

Are ferals the culprits when it comes to wallaby killings?

THE STORY IN ISSUE 36 of MMM, Disturbing deaths at Munibung Hill has caused a lot of concern and again raised the issue of feral animals at Munibung Hill.

Dean Jones is a close neighbour and has first hand experience with the wildlife, native and feral.

Dean writes:”It’s sad to hear that people are finding dead wallabies on Munibung Hill. Dogs might be the cause but I’d suggest you might want to take a look at these photos.”

“We get up to 3 foxes at a time coming down from the hill and hunting together on our property. I’d imagine they’re equally keen to go after wallabies and anything else they can find if they have the chance.”

MMM … Issue 37, April – May 2023