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Angela’s long term love for rambling in nature 

“The ecology is so important, but it is so often side-lined or worse, overlooked.  The changes in our socio-economics can mean that people value material possessions over the absolute essential contribution that nature plays in our lives,” said Angela Longworth, when Munibung Musings met up with her recently.

Angela has been a member of The Newcastle Ramblers for years, with the walks being memorable for many reasons:  the company of fellow walkers, the experience of the walk in nature with all her attractions and of course in the case of Munibung Hill the amazing views in all directions.  “We’re a bit like our Aboriginal cousins,” says Angela, “we like to go to where we can see as far as we can – elevated areas which can get us an overview of surrounding land. It gives us a sense of perspective, helps us locate ourselves within the larger landscape.”

Angela was brought up in Boolaroo – Eight Street actually – and lived in the area for many years. She had friends who lived in Fairfax road, Warners Bay and to get there, walked across through the orchards.  The Hawkins were happy for them to walk across Munibung Hill.  “Trail bikes these days are a problem. They are so noisy disturbing the peace and tranquility of the bush,” Angela says.

In fact she has always lived within about five kilometres of Munibung Hill.. “I love being able to look out and see this larger than life bushland area, as part of my view.”

“Thompson Road was closed for a number of years due to land slippage,” said Angela.  “We shouldn’t disturb watershed land.  It is so important for water quality downstream.  Whatever is done needs to take into consideration the consequences of decisions.  Water has to go somewhere and simply restricting it by installing pipes doesn’t necessarily solve problems in the long term.”

Angela is by profession, a trained midwife and likens the role of caring for people and caring for nature, as being two sides of the one coin.  This past year has shown that it’s important that we take care of nature, because at times like these we need nature – the outdoors, the bushland areas – for us to stay healthy both physically and mentally.  To be confined to indoors work makes it all the more important to ‘get out’ – walking, camping, outdoor activities can be life savers.

Of course we must remind everyone to leave only footprints and take only photos.  There’s not many places that don’t show human thoughtlessness, sadly, with the disposable products that are left behind.

“Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are car based areas and we need to make sure that there are opportunities to get out for exercise and well-being.  Munibung Hill is of course one of the best places to go when it comes to getting outdoors.  It’s quite accessible.”

Issue 21, August 2021